I was divorced when my children were very small. The significance of that is merely that I was my only council in dealing with them day to day. There were no other voices or sources of help. It became obvious to me very quickly that children, even very young children (in fact, especially very young children) have their own agendas, and it was clear to me that it was going to be a challenge just to maintain control, let alone be a positive influence.


I began talking with people I trusted, seeking advice. Based on the suggestions of one special individual, I began to approach the process differently. It took some time for me to completely embrace new principles, but as I did, my life with my children changed. The difficult times became few and far between, and there was love and good company almost every day.


Being a parent is so challenging, especially being a good one. The job is 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The pressures are relentless, and, so much of the time, youíre just feeling your way along. Iím hoping that youíll find one or more suggestions here that will help you have more confidence, more joy, and less stress in bringing up your children.


I wonít deal with medical matters or any subject that I believe demands the attention of a specialist. I seek to assist parents in determining what they believe is best for their children in the matters of normal daily living, so Iíll concentrate on areas in which I believe my experience is relevant.


Itís certainly my hope that readers will find these writings interesting and helpful as they pursue rearing their children. I must, however, assert once more that this is simply my perspective and opinion. These are not my theories but the rationale and actions that I found to be effective in achieving my objectives as a parent.


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